About ATLFILM Consultants

Your Go To Girl & Team of Professional Film Consultants!

My name is Beverley Harris-Alvarez. I am a part of a team of producers, writers, film directors who loves to collaborate on Tv series, short and feature films with my team. You can contact us if you need to hire producer, production, accountant, accounting clerk, project coordinator etc. We have that knowledge you can depend on to power your project pass the finish line. We would love to share our experience, knowledge and advice no matter where you are in the process of your career and to help you to overcome all the obstacles, hassles and challenges.

We are part of the new influx of quality film and TV professionals that have relocated to Atlanta for the awesome film and TV opportunities here. At one time or another, I have filled most positions on the set…. excluding talent positions. So we are your go to girl…. We know how to get the job done with finesse in a timely manner. Let’s get together and discuss how we can be a valued part of your next project.

Job duties can vary depending on the industry in which a consultant is working and based on the specific field of expertise. Fixing or improving a particular component of client’s business is the broadest duty for which consultants are hired. The Consulting Producers are usually a former executive or co-producer that no longer work on a particular show. They often assist writers and producers regarding specific areas of concern that is likely to coincide with their experience.

Someone who has face all the challenges. succeeded and eager to help you and now love to pass that experience on to you?Do you think if it would not be a relief to make your dreams come true and have your own film consultant when any troubling situation comes your way?

We have a clear and concise way of working with each filmmaker (click here for testimonials) and crowdfunding team. We love to design all services specifically for each client and project because every need is different.

For film maker info, please visit: Atlanta Film Industry Resource


BHA Enterprises from Beverley Harris-Alvarez on Vimeo.